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CC2 - Cultural Competency and Making Safe Space for LGBTQI-GNC People (CC2)

This training reviews current terminology and concepts around gender and sexuality, explores special risk factors faced by LGBTQI-GNC people, and provides best practices and skill building for making safe space and providing sensitive and competent care and support.
  • How to complete this course
  • Main course work
  • LGBTQI+ Competence instructor led live session
  • Cultural Competency and Making Safe Space for LGBTQI-GNC People recorded session
  • LGBTQQI Competence Handout.docx
  • LGBTQQI Competence Handout LARGE PRINT.docx
  • LGBTQI+ Posttest
  • Additional handouts and resources
  • LGBTQ competency best practices for Case Managers and other helping pros.docx
  • Tips for Advocating for LGBTQIA_ People Across Life Domains and Circum[...].docx
  • LBGTQIA terms and definitions.doc
  • How to do Names and Pronouns Introductions in Groups.docx
  • LGBTQIA Resources for more learning.docx
  • Cisgender Privilege Inventory.docx
  • Identity Reflection Worksheet.docx
  • additional videos
  • Ygender and Minus18 Best Practices video
  • What It's Like To Be Intersex video
  • Human Rights Watch and interACT Intersex Feature Video
  • optional steps
  • LGBTQI+-GNC Allyship Action Pledge - Optional!
  • LGBTQI+-GNC Training Evaluation Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "LGBTQI+ Competence instructor led live session, LGBTQI+ Posttest"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever